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How I Turned Pro-Gym Selfie

Okay, so I used to be that person who would scroll through my news feed and roll my eyes any time that I saw a gym check in.

I thought to myself, "congratulations you are at the gym no one cares". I would think the same thing when I saw a picture on Instagram of someone sweating after a tough workout. But really, what is the point of social media if you aren't sharing with others the things that you enjoy?

How is checking in at the gym any different from checking in at a restaurant or bar? How is posting a picture of yourself in the gym any different from posting a picture of yourself in the car? I've come to believe that gym selfies, or selfies in general, are not so much attention seeking but rather a representation of confidence and pride. Now maybe there are a couple of instances that are an exception here, but I would say very few. For someone like me who is working towards a fitness goal, taking pictures is really helpful in determining progress and if I want to share my experience along the way then why shouldn't I? I mean, why do we really follow people on social media anyways if we aren't interested in what is going on with their life? I posted my first ""gym selfie" the other week, not because I was fishing for likes, but because I was excited about my journey thus far and like to keep myself accountable. Looking back now, I think all of my eye rolls were just my way of trying to cover my own lack of self-confidence. I also realize that not everything needs to be documented on social media and that it is important to live in the moment. If a selfie here and there makes that much of an impact on your day than perhaps you need to reevaluate your priorities. SELFIE-ON PEOPLE!

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