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Setting Goals and Sticking to Them

It is really easy to say that you are going to finish something, or start something, but actually following through with it? Now that can be the hard part. I can't tell you how many times over the past year that I have said "I need to read more books" yet I have not completed one single book since last summer. I decided this month that I was going to write down a few of my goals somewhere instead of just talking about them. Perhaps this approach will keep me more accountable. We are one week into the month and so far I think this approach has worked for me. I took my first lunch break out of the office yesterday in probably a month, maybe two. My food expenses have gone down. I have spent more of my free time reading (and writing) than staring at a TV screen. Most importantly, I haven't been afraid to say "yes". I am guilty of being a creature of habit and have fallen into a routine that I would like to break out of a bit. I may not be able to complete all of these goals this month, but I now have this reminder in my phone to give me that extra push.

Whether your goals are short-term, long-term, fitness related or not, I challenge you to write your goals down somewhere. Even if you have just one small goal, write it down. If you already have a system that works for you, I challenge you to share it with me! I would love to hear how others are conquering their goals :)

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