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Time is not the problem

And neither is money. Prioritization is the problem. I always hear people blame time and money for their unhealthy habits and I am here to tell you that you CAN find time for the gym and you CAN eat healthy on a tight budget, it's just not your priority. People often like to use time and money as an excuse to feel better about their decisions. This pertains to any goal in life, not just fitness. Would you ever starve your puppy because you didn't have time or money to feed him/her? Yes I went there. But you get the point. If you have a health goal, or any goal that is truly important to you, I promise you you will find time. When I tell people that I workout at 5am they always tell me they could never do it because they are not a morning person. Well let me tell you that neither am I. In fact, I have to set my alarm 30 minutes early so that I can press snooze 3 times until I forcibly roll out of bed. I then proceed to take pre-workout, aka a shot of caffeine magic, and it is not until the magic kicks in that I feel like a human. I do this because my work hours are unpredictable and getting my work done is also a priority so in order to make sure I tackle both, I choose to workout in the morning. I am not saying that working out at 5am is something that anyone else needs to do. My point is that there are 24 hours in the day and a lot of ways to get your workout in. Even if it's a 20 minute at home exercise video. Find whatever works for YOU. People are always looking for the "quick fix" when it comes to getting in shape and the reality is you actually have to put in the work. Make some sacrifices. No "quick fix" is maintainable. All the skinny teas, 10 day detoxes etc may give you a temporary "weight" loss which will probably consist mostly of water but keep putting the money you don't have for your healthy diet towards quick fixes instead of nutritious foods ;). Okay so that was harsh but it just drives me crazy when people continue to buy into these marketing gimmicks. Once you start taking the time to plan ahead, you'll realize that healthy eating doesn't have to be expensive.

This goes back to prioritization. Unless I am doing a major stock up, I typically spend anywhere from 60-80 a week on groceries which consist of lean protein, veggies, fruits, whole grains etc and this covers my meals for a full week. So lets take $80/7. That's $11.42 a day for ALL meals. I typically eat 8 small/medium sized meals a day so that's $1.37 per meal. So just to put this into a bit more context... I've spent more money on 1 salad from a local shop downtown for lunch (shout out Roche Bros salad bar) than I spend on a full day of food that I pack. Now I am not someone that buys everything all organic/gluten free etc which I realize can be more expensive but I would bet that one would still get their bang for their buck if they simply take a few extra minutes to plan ahead and be smart with their grocery shopping. This is, if it's a priority. So moral of the story here... be honest with your priorities. Did you really not have time for that workout or was it just not a priority at the time? And let's be clear I am not lecturing people to go get their workouts in and go grocery shopping, just start being honest with what's truly important to you at the time. Try this: "No, I didn't get my workout in this morning because I prioritized margaritas with friends last night and I am too hungover"(said by yours truly). But hey, nights out with friends are important too and at least I am being honest with what's important. If I have money for a night out at the bar, I have money for egg whites and chicken. So before you decide you don't have enough money or time for something, think about if time and money are the real problem or if you simply don't want it enough. I wanted to end this post on a lighter note but someone needs to tell it how it is, especially in a society where for some reason people are afraid to be honest, and instead make up excuses upon excuses, justify their decisions and just wait for things to be handed to them. With a topic I feel so strongly about, you will always get tough love from me.

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