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Pumpkin Spice Protein Coffee "Coolatta"

#BecauseFALL. Actually, I enjoy pumpkin spice flavor all year round! This tastes exactly like a coffee coolatta from Dunkin Donuts except cheaper and better for you. I am all about simplicity with good taste which isn't always easy so whenever I am successful I love to share! In order to make this shake I used my blender bottle and put a cup of ice then brewed a kcup (smallest size), added 2 Stevia, shook up then added 1 scoop protein (I used vanilla egg protein), a little pumpkin spice, shook again and then transferred to my Magic Bullet, blended and boom! If your blender has a big enough cup to brew in then you save yourself the transfer step. The key to adding protein to your iced coffee is to wait until after you brew because otherwise the protein will cook up and be clumpy! I also advise setting your kcup to the lowest degree. Lastly, depending on the protein flavor you use you may not need the extra Stevia I just happened to have a never ending sweet tooth. :)


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