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5 Skinny Cocktails To Try This Summer

So summer is officially here. Beach season. BBQ season. Booze season. You're constantly stuck in the "kind of want to look good in a bikini kind of want to crush margaritas" dilemma. I hear you. I definitely exceeded my calorie intake last month due to one too many cocktails and my body was certainly not happy about it. #Noragrets though cause I had fun. Unfortunately, the reality is that if you are trying to lose fat, excessive alcohol intake doesn't exactly help your case. With that said, this doesn't mean you should be spending your summer skipping out on social events and avoiding that margarita you've been craving. It's all about moderation. I've done my fair share of skinny cocktail experimenting and I'd like to think I've found a few solid, easy recipes that will save you some calories with the same delicious taste!

1. Blueberry Mojito

Mojitos are a sneaky cocktail that can be loaded with sugar from all that simple syrup.

Try this:

1-1.5 oz Bacardi Wolfberry Rum

Club Soda



*Muddle mint and fruit for flavor blend

2. The Skinny Margarita

Margaritas are my all time favorite summer drink, maybe even all time favorite drink. Unfortunately, they are loaded with calories!

Here is an easy and delicious way to create your own margarita with half the calories of your standard bar marg:

1-1.5 oz Tequila

Club Soda

Lime Juice


3. Real Strawberry Daiquiri

Pinterest inspired, and not sure how I didn't think of this before but it is basically as it sounds:

1-1.5oz light rum

1 cup strawberries

A handful of ice

1/2 or 1 packet of Stevia (depending on desire of sweetness)

Puree and enjoy!

4. For the Whiskey lovers

Whiskey+sour mix= a ton of calories and sugar....try this for a lighter option (via Cheetah is the New Black):

1-1.5 oz whiskey

Pineapple flavored Coconut Water


5. Watermelon Vodka Slush

Inspired by 'The Skinny Chick's Cookbook', would be great to bring a larger batch to a summer bbq:

2 cups sliced watermelon

1 cup ice

¼ cup watermelon flavored vodka

Blend/puree and enjoy!

If creating your own cocktail isn't your thing, other go to "healthier" options are your standard vodka soda (NOT tonic), or essentially any vodka drink without excessive juice/mix that will add extra sugar and calories. Typically if you ask the bartender for the "skinny" version or "light on the syrup" they should have no problem accommodating. Last and final thing... Be careful what you read and/or are told on nutritional labels. Some of these "low carb" drinks (cough cough Spiked Seltzers) actually have just as many if not more carbs than your standard light beer. #Buzzkill ...But in all seriousness as I mentioned before, it's all about moderation. Hopefully this post was more helpful vs. hurtful :)

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