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Tips and Tricks on Satisfying that Sweet Tooth

My biggest struggle by far when it comes to keeping a healthy diet is the fact that I have a major sweet tooth. I've had a lot of people recently comment on my "will power" and I just want to point out that I don't always have will power when it comes to my diet and to be honest lately all I've wanted to do is crush Ben & Jerry's before bed. I get the sense that many people have this same sweet tooth struggle so I thought I'd share a few tips and tricks that have helped me over the years! And to keep this a bit more entertaining I decided to throw some New Girl memes in the mix :)

1. Coffee and/or Tea

I instantly want dessert after dinner. It's clockwork. Something that helps me is making an after dinner coffee or tea. If you own a Keurig, Bed Bath and Beyond actually has a variety of dessert kcup flavors (chocolate doughnut is currently my favorite).

2. Healthy dessert alternatives

There are a lot of ways to make your own delicious desserts without all of the excess carbs/fats. Some of my favorite creations include the protein ice cream (some may call this protein sludge) protein brownies, mug cakes, waffles (my black bean prownie recipe is posted here). There are also a few low calorie ice cream brands that you can find in your local grocery store such as Arctic Zero however, I have found that my own ice cream creations are actually more tasty than Arctic Zero which tastes a little too "icy" for me (just my opinion). However, if you're a Greek yogurt fan I HIGHLY recommend Yasso frozen treats or Light & Fit Greek yogurts. Every single flavor I have tried has been amazing for both of these brands!

3. Sugar Free Gum

There is pretty much every flavor sugar free gum out there at this point. A recent find that I really like is the Project 7 Birthday Cake gourmet gum. I've found this brand at Target and Walgreens. Extra also has their "Dessert Delights" flavors which have a longer lasting flavor compared to most other SF gum brands that I've tried. Couldn't find a bubble gum related meme but this is close enough...

4. Fruit

This could be filed under "healthy dessert alternatives"but fruit is a great snack that can help satisfy that sweet craving with natural sugars instead of added sugars or "fake" ingredients which provide much less nutritional value.

5. Just eat the damn dessert

I am not saying go house an entire jar of cookies every night but treating yourself in moderation is perfectly healthy. Completely restricting yourself is just not the way to live and could lead to stronger cravings and further problems down the road. For me, balance has been key from a physical and mental perspective. Unless you are prepping for a competition or something, treats here and there should certainly be welcome :)

So there you have it! I'd love to hear what has helped you all curb those sweet tooth cravings!

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