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Tips and Tricks: Savory Edition

I recently wrote a "tips and tricks" post for people with a sweet tooth so I thought I would do a part two for those who are more into savory. A lot of my "mindless eating" used to be from savory snacks such as chips, crackers, etc. I would find myself at work snacking on pretzels in the middle of the day just because they were convenient. Unfortunately that mindless snacking will add up. Here are a few tricks and alternatives to help satisfy your savory craving:

1. Condiments/Seasonings

Finding the right condiments or seasonings are total game changers. There are a lot of great low sodium seasonings (ex: Flavorgod, Mrs. Dash) that can transform your meals. Trying to choke down plain veggies and chicken all week just sounds miserable. I'll typically add hot sauce or reduced sugar ketchup if I go with a "basic bro meal". Other condiments or toppings that I like that are super low-calorie include mustard, salsa and laughing cow cheese wedges!

2. Rices Cakes and Almonds

Rice cakes come in a variety of flavors both sweet and salty. These are great lower carb options if you are looking for something crunchy that isn't loaded with fat. I typically enjoy rice cakes with peanut butter for sweet or laughing cow cheese wedge for salty. My favorite flavors are white cheddar and apple cinnamon! Almonds on the other hand are a great source of healthy fats. Like rice cakes, almonds also come in a variety of flavors both sweet and salty. My favorites are Blue Diamond Wasabi Soy and Toasted Coconut!

3. Low Carb breads

If you haven't tried Joseph's pita bread or whole wheat lavashes you are missing out! Joseph's makes 60 calorie pita and 120 calorie wraps. These are not only great for wraps or sandwiches but also make a perfect low carb base for homemade pizzas!

Other low carb bread brands that I like include Sara Lee and Pepperidge Farm (45 cals/slice!).

4. Get creative with your veggies

This kind of overlaps with condiments/seasonings but you don't have to load your veggies with olive oil to make them taste good! I have recently been snacking on veggies dipped in low-fat garden vegetable cream cheese. As long as you don't eat the entire cream cheese container this is a great alternative to chips and dip. Veggie chips are also an easy way to get those micronutrients in with the same crunch as chips! And give me all the salsa with that because there are basically no cals in salsa. Lastly, apparently cauliflower can do anything you want it to from pizza crust to rice. I have never tried cauliflower crust but I have tried riced cauliflower, mashed cauliflower, and buffalo cauliflower and I was very impressed with everything!

5. Just eat the damn chips

Finishing my list the same way I finished my Tips and Tricks on Satisfying that Sweet Tooth post. If your cravings are that bad just allow yourself to have the chips and guac. It's about moderation, balance, and portion control. As I mentioned before, totally restricting yourself from certain foods can potentially lead to further problems down the road so try not to completely deprive yourself. Be mindful and ask yourself do I really need another handful of chips or am I just eating them because they are there? This is something I still struggle with!

If you have additional tips and tricks I would love to hear them in the comments below :)

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